Please fill this card with required information to help us plan as safe and most effective treatment as possible. Since there are contraindications for most of our services in Figura, be careful that everything is entered in accordance with your current health information.

We’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us!

Figura crew

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    light (not painful)medium (some pain, but feels nice)deep (unpleasant pain, but short term and therapeutic)very deep (ugly pain)not sure

    low back painneck painpain around shoulders and shoulder bladestension headache/migrainelimited range of motiontension and stiffnessnumbness (in fingers)muscle crampslymphedemahigh level of stresspoor circulationcelluliteI deserve itinvesting in health

    no, I've experienced something similar beforeno, it happens from time to timeyes, I've never experienced anything like this

    sharp, radiatingtingling, intensedull, anoying, constant, irritating



    pain relieffaster recovery after exerciserelaxationrelief from muscle tension and stressimproved blood circulationvitalityincreased range of motionbetter quality of the skin (cellulite reduction)

    smokingphysically demanding jobmentally demanding jobsitting for 6 or more hoursphysical activity one to a few times a week(almost) everyday physical activityprofessional athletelong-term standing

    insomniastressdigestion problemsanxietyapathydiabetesasthmaallergiesvaricose veinsenlarged capillariesweak immune systempregnancymedication use



    During massage treatments all parts of the body, except the one which is treated, are covered with a clean sheet or towel. Client is in his/hers underwear (or disposable ones). When using manual techniques, the client is in cotton clothing. After each treatment, the work table is disinfected and covered with a disposable paper towel. For massage treatments almond oil is used, with the addition of essential oils. If the client is pregnant or breastfeeding (or has any other reason to avoid some ingredients), only unrefined cold pressed oil is used. For manual lymphatic drainage powder is used if neccesary, and there is no media for manual techniques that are applied over clothes. In order for client to relax and concentration for the therapist, it is better not to talk during treatment. This does not refer to information that are important for the course and effectiveness of treatment, in fact – it should be communicated. People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parents.



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